Reducing the Flood Hazard Zone in the Kashan Plain Watershed through the Implementation of the Risk Land use Planning Scenario

Volume 6, Issue 3, October 2019, Pages 271-285


Maliheh Sadat Hemmesy; Darush Yarahmadi; Majid Ownegh; Ali Akbar Shamsipour

Environmental obligations of States in reducing environmental hazards

Volume 8, Issue 3, October 2021, Pages 301-320


Seyed Davood Aghaee; Neda Saeidi

Spatial analysis of flooded and flood-prone areas and it’s hazards in Nourabad city of Lorestan

Volume 7, Issue 3, October 2020, Pages 313-329


Mohammad Rostami Fathabadi; Mansor Jafar Biglo; Ebrahim Moghimi

Rural adaptation strategies to drought, case study: Pshtang Village in Ravansar township

Volume 2, Issue 3, October 2015, Pages 341-354


Hasan Afrakhteh; Farhad Azizpur; Asgar Tahmasebi; Adel Sulaimany

The Analysis of Frost and Chilling Hazards on Horticultural Crops in West Azerbaijan

Volume 3, Issue 4, January 2017, Pages 365-378


Saeed Bazgeer; Hossain Mohammadi; Leyla Sharifi; Nooshin Soleimani

Projection of Changes in Precipitation Index of the Southern Coast of the Caspian Sea in Order to Hazards Reduction in the Periods of 2021-2050

Volume 6, Issue 4, January 2020, Pages 395-421


Hadis Sadeghi; Hosein Mohammadi; Aliakbar Shamsipour; Saeed Bazgeer; Mostafa Karimi Ahmadabad; Saeid Soufizadeh

Forest fire risk uncertainty analysis based on Dempster Shafer's theory of evidence (Study area: part of Kermanshah forests)

Volume 8, Issue 4, January 2022, Pages 413-430


Zeinab Neisani Samani; Ali Asghar Alesheikh; Najmeh Neysani Samany

English Abstracts

Volume 6, Issue 2, July 2019, Pages 1-29


English Abstracts

Volume 7, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 1-25


English Abstracts

Volume 7, Issue 2, July 2020, Pages 1-19


English Abstracts

Volume 7, Issue 3, October 2020, Pages 1-23


English Abstracts

Volume 7, Issue 4, January 2021, Pages 1-29


Thermodynamic and Synoptic Analyses of Pick Floods Caused by Showery Precipitation in Mountainous Regions (Ghare Sou Basin)

Volume 3, Issue 1, April 2016, Pages 75-90


Mostafa Karampoor; Zahra Zarei Cheghabaleki; Akram Mirhashemei; Mohammad Rostami Fath Abadi