About Journal

The Journal of Environmental Hazards Management (JEHM) is an anonymous and open-access journal published by the Iranian Hazards Association and University of Tehran in Iran. This journal is an innovative, interdisciplinary and international research journal addressing the environmental hazards.  The JEHM Journal is a quarterly and multidisciplinary fully peer-reviewed publication outlet with a rapid and economical route to open access publication. It publishes original research and review articles covering the latest findings of all aspects of the environmental hazards.

In addition, JEHM has been qualified as an academic research journal status approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran (No. 42799/3/3 dated 13/03/1393 (June 2014).

We invite contributions of original and high quality interdisciplinary environmental research papers of broad impact. Subject areas may include, but are not limited to:  

  • Review and evaluation of ideology, attitudes and theories of hazard.
  • Concepts, principles, methodologies and techniques related to hazard reduction.
  • Predicting and studying hazards.
  • Publication of scientific and research findings related to hazards based on human behavior and environmental structure behavior.
  • Evaluate and analyze laws, policies, programs, organizational actions related to hazards.