Aims and Scope

Knowledge about Hazards is an art. The scientific aims of the Journal of Environmental Hazards Management (JEHM) are to deal with the concepts, theoretical, functional and epistemological foundations of hazards artistically and wisely, in order to reduce its effects. Hazards and the extent of their impact on communities show a growing and complex trend. Therefore, in the Iranian Hazards Association, for the study, monitoring, management and study of natural and unnatural hazards, the JEHM was published. The following basic topics will be discussed in this journal.

  • Review, critique, and evaluate the history, beliefs, and theories of hazard.
  • Discussion of behavioral and structural attitudes, systematic, biological and ecological attitudes, landscape, economic and legal attitudes, intrinsic attitudes and temporal analysis of hazards.
  • Terminology, nature and scope of modern hazard studies, its basic foundations.
  • Analysis of the growing trend of educational and research of hazards, hazard typology, forecasting, warning and care based on technological advances and hazard reduction, methodological and research analysis of hazards, models and research methods.
  • Analysis and identification of places (brown lands), phenomena, events, activities and social and environmental conditions, increasing hazards and reflecting the relevant research achievements.
  • Analyze the health activities of the individual, society and environment and reflect the achievements of research.
  • Evaluation and analysis of laws, policies, programs and organizational actions related to hazards, analysis of health-oriented community.
  • Religious, ideological and cultural epistemology to hazards.

It is natural that the growth of the human population has always been accompanied by the growth of endless desires and the elevation of his standard of living. Hence, scientific advice will be very effective in maintaining wish management and biological simplicity. Human life depends on the natural environment, and if it wants to survive, it must necessarily stop or control this dangerous process by scientific means.

We ask the honorable scholars and elites of Iran (in postgraduate studies) including academic and religious fields and experienced executives to help us and share their research achievements related to the subject and content of the JEHM. They send it to us in order to reduce the growing Hazard.