Response Quality to the Van Earthquake in Turkey of 23 October 2011, Mw7.2, for Hazards Reduction

Document Type : Applied Article


International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES), Tehran, IRAN


The Van Turkey earthquake of 23 October 2011, Mw7.2, occurred at 13:41 local time, and caused 644 death losses (of which 477 were in Erciş). Van earthquake-stricken area was closed to an active tectonic intersection zone in NW Iran, east of Turkey and SW Caucasus, and the earthquake fault with a compressional mechanism created a surface rupture with a 10km length in the north of Van, between the coast line of Van and Erçek Lake. This article represent the seismological aspects of the Van earthquake based on a 5 days visit by the reconnaissance team of IIEES started in the 26th day after the mainshock. Meanwhile, there will be a look at the "response" of the disaster management system in Turkey to this major earthquake.


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