Legal Analysis of Risk Insurance in Electronic Commerce (Case Study: Iranian Law)

Document Type : Applied Article


1 Professor-Assistant of Faculty of Law and Political Sciences; University of Tehran

2 PhD Student of Private Law; Faculty of law; University of Shahid Beheshti


Electronic environment is facing different risks. Risks in electronic commerce and business are considered the most significant risks in cyberspace. Insurance of the mentioned hazard is considered a solution for reduction and management of risks in electronic commerce. However, there is a key question here. Are there sufficient relevant regulations and laws available in Iranian laws? The hypothesis is that our legal system enjoys general regulations in this field but there are also several ambiguities. This article presents an analytical-comparative approach and is comprised of two sections: The first section is trying to explain the concepts as well as the reasons of the importance of the risk insurance in electronic commerce, taking into account its history and the second section aims to explain legal barriers and problems related to developing risk insurance in electronic commerce.


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